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Root Canal Treatment

This procedure can help save a tooth from extraction as it prevents any infection at the centre of the tooth from spreading. Damage to the inner pulp (containing the blood and nerve supply) can occur for a number of reasons including decay, a deep filling or trauma to the tooth.

Any subsequent infection can spread to the root canal and cause a painful abscess or, if left untreated, affect the jawbone.

What is the treatment process?

  • We use a rubber sheet (or dam) to isolate the affected tooth to keep it dry.
  • We drill an access hole, carefully remove the infected pulp, and clean the root canal with an antibacterial solution.
  • We fill the canals to prevent any more bacteria from getting in.
  • To protect the tooth from further contamination, we place a permanent filling or crown.

After treatment

After treatment, keep this tooth (and all others) clean and be sure to attend regular check-ups so we can check the treated tooth remains infection free.